Firefox Pop Up Ads Stop And The Customer Support

If the giant pop up ad fills the screen, it can be an annoying experience. The fact is the annoying experience is going to increase if it stays there for quite a long time. It is hampering the information you want to gather or receive and are in a tough situation. The truth is all the pop up ads do not cover the whole screen. There are some that play the video or the audio clip in the window hidden and you search a method to shut them down. In some, there is a close button so that you can reach the link and there can be a virus invasion [may be or may not be]. The goal of these pop ups is to make the experience quite frustrating.

Do some search and there shall be some effect

You may want to do some internet search as a helpdesk phone number support for block Firefox pop up ads but it can be probably difficult as far as finding the source information is concerned. But as one says, there shall be a solution after the diligent search and you can come to the conclusion.


You can disable the pop up ads in the Firefox by following two methods. One of the methods is by using the Firefox Browser Add on and this is an easy method or can simply go for the customer tech helpline for Mac keeper ads on Firefox for a solution that is quite satisfactory.

The procedure

After opening the Firefox browser, you can simply tap on the orange drop down menu located on the corner in the upper left. In the column located on the right, you can select the option by the name ad ons and next to it, can find the puzzle piece. By this, the Ad ons interface will be opened.

In the search bar, you can type Adblock plus and is on the upper right portion of screen. Now, select the current version of Adblock plus for installation. Next, close the Firefox and restart for enabling the Add on.

When you enter add on screen and then tap on the puzzle piece icon in the menu left, you can approach the list of presently operating extension. Adblock plus provides the running options and for this, you can tap on the options button located to the right side of the service name.


Other method to block the pop ups in Firefox is to do in a manual manner. Pop ups are quite frustrating and there is no doubt about this. Going through the steps, you can get rid of them and after that have a nice browsing experience.

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