Make A Non-Functional Windows 8 Rework With Technical Assistance

Like other operating systems, Windows 8 from Microsoft is also not free from lots of errors and problems that Windows 8 users experience while using the OS for commercial as well as individual purposes. Although the operating system is said to be a feature rich version, yet it can make you irritated when in use. Let’s have a look at some common problems and issues that can plague the performance of your Windows and compel you to look for Technical Support Helpline for Windows 8 from MS support center or any other 3rd party technical support service providers. For more info, click here:…

Where is the Start menu?

A large number of Windows 8 users active on Windows community pages and forums complain about the missing start menu. It is said that the Windows 8.1 version shows no Start Menu even with an added “App view.” Here users can opt for some 3rd party solutions to make the Start Menu active in Windows 8. When the menu is installed, it is necessary that you set Windows 8.1 to start it to the desktop.


Browser crashing and frequent reloading

After installing a fresh version of Windows 8, some users generally complain of “Windows Explorer has stopped working.” This issue occurs at a regular interval. It seems that there is a bug between the OS, a hardware driver or an installed software program. So, you better use the “Refresh My PC” feature in order to fix the problem. To do so, all you need to go is to:

· Go to Settings

· Alter PC Settings

· Then, change Update and Recovery.

· Open Recovery and tap on Get started.

These steps will help you re-install Windows without deleting valuable data. It will be good if you can take a backup before it is too late.

Error code: 0x8007007B

This error code is a simple indication that Windows 8 activation is a failure. The same issue was also a bad stuff even with the previous Windows version. Here, users need to prove that their online activation is verified and the key they are using is legal. The same issue also had occurred when users upgrade from Windows 7. When it comes to getting rid of the activation error code, all you need to do is to search a toll-free Helpline Support Number for Windows 10 and look for better technical assistance.


Another way to make things happen without calling a tech support professional is to go for the command line. Do a Windows search for “cmd” to ensure important privileges. So, go for “Run as administrator” and type these commands: “slmgr.vbs /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

slmgr.vbs /ato.”

If you go for this one, you will be able to activate Windows 8 successfully.

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