Norton Protection: Which Norton Security Product Offers The Right Cover?

At a time when bugs, wanted programs, and pop-ups are highly active online than ever and are ready to plague the performance of your laptop, desktop, or mobiles, you can’t take the security of your data for granted as it can make you pay costly later. Keeping the needs of data safety in mind, Symantec offers its three Norton security products (Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, and Norton AntiVirus) that go down well with computers of individuals as well as business organizations. These products are supposed to render the right and adequate protect to all Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Norton Small Business from Symantec lets you add protection on up to 20 devices without of any management server need.

When all is not well with the safety of your data even after using any of the Norton security products, you can instantly dial a toll-free best instant tech services for Norton antivirus. Read more info about Norton at:

Norton AntiVirus or NAV is the basic data security package and delivers protection against viruses and spyware. Norton Internet Security or NIS offers better protection with extra security features. Moreover, it protects against spam or a software firewall. It also has lots of features that make web surfing safe and hassle-free. On the other hand, it is Norton 360 that is known for offering all features of Norton Internet Security along with tools and techniques to


1. Back up your data

2. Fix common computer problems

3. Free up memory

4. Delete unneeded files

5. Clean up the hard drive

Interestingly, all these three programs have antivirus and antispyware features that help Norton users keep themselves away from malicious software. Antivirus software programs are famous in the competitive market as tools that protect against all sorts of threats that can infect the computer with the following threats: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, botnets, and rootkits. In case Norton users want to install or un-install the antivirus software program, they can easily go for a get dial and connect with customer care for antivirus.

Like antivirus programs, antispyware software programs also render better protection against software and unwanted programs that quietly exists in computer and steals users’ data and information without or with suitable notice and consent. Spyware can accumulate anything that is typed by you. Even, it can collect your messaging and web preferences;check browsing behavior, and it doesn’t use your computer to infect other devices. Norton apps easily scan such threats during:

1. A file download

2. A program installation

3. Email and instant message operations

4. File copy operations

5. Addition of images and other files to the browser cache

Norton also scans all available existing files frequently. If there is any issue while scanning, auto settings delete the same threat and timely notify you.

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