By the help of Parallels remote application server, you can get seamless virtual desktops and applications. You can also have the files through VDI and RDSH. You also obtain hybrid or the public cloud deployments. By this, the employees can approach the application data from any gadget. The employees can approach the desktop applications as if native applications on Android devices and IOS. With the unique application technology associated with Parallels, employees can make use of the gestures and can swipe, drag, tap, click or zoom. This is for the interaction with the remote applications of Windows on both tablets as well as smartphones in order to make them productive. Online tech phone number for Parallels desktop provides added information if required. For more info:

Fascinating mobile experience

Parallels remote application server has the unique technology associated with it and helps the IT professionals to get unlimited productivity. You can have the approach to the desktop applications collectively as a team and the same applies to the files as well as other work resources as if these are own applications of Android devices, iPad or iPhone. Online tech phone number for Parallels can be helpful in case of any further assistance in this area. For the secure and trusted connection, gadgets are connected to Parallels Remote Application Server applications as well as desktops through SSL connection and RDP protocol. By the help of peripheral redirection technology of Parallels, Android and IOS devices can locally print.


By the help of Parallels, the users can work with effect on tablets and smartphones and at the same time can access data, remote desktops and applications. By the help of Parallels Remote Application Server, users are well connected to the applications and desktops at anytime and anywhere. On the devices, you have the option to see the applications on full screen.

Easy approach

You can configure Parallels through an invitation email sent from Remote Application server console or can approach through the web portal. You can reach centralized folders and files easily from any gadget by the help of a safe connection that is not harmful as far as your intellectual property or assets are concerned. Parallels favors users who do the work in a remote manner. You can access the Parallels Remote Application Server in a direct manner from HTML 5 browser and the user has the option to operate from any gadget that too at any point of time. The applications for PC and Mac are adapted so that they can fit the complete screen. These are the fine detailed applications and the users find it quite easy to interact with them. You get the optimized screen resolution.

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