Upgrade From Windows 8 To Windows 10

The time may vary when it comes to the upgrade of Windows 8 to Windows 10. It depends on age of computer and the way the computer is configured. It can be finished in a span of 2 hours by some in case the devices are of high performance. People are scared about the data loss when we go from Windows 8 to Windows 10 but the truth is that there is no data loss as such. If there are the files in the C drive, you can shift these files in the other drive. If there is still a worry in your heart about the loss of the data, then there is the backup option.

The question is smooth working of the computer after the upgrade from the Windows 8 to the Windows 10. There is a feedback about many people in this matter and they say that the computer works rather more smoothly than before. If any doubt persists in this matter, you can go for the tech Support for Windows 10 by dialing the toll free number.

Some reasons why the people prefer from the upgrade of Windows 8 to Windows 10:

· When people work with the windows 8, there are complains about the errors. Some of the errors that the people complain in general are blue screen error, runDLL error, activation error, boot error etc.


· There are many features associated with the Windows 10 that are appealing. Some of them are the Cortana integration, Windows 8 having the desktop that is similar to Windows 7, working operations across the PCs, tablets as well as phones etc.

· There is an announcement by the Microsoft Corporation that the users of the Windows 7/8/8.1 can do the free upgrade to Windows 10 and this is applicable to all the users of the world.

Preparations regarding the upgrade of the windows 8 to windows 10:

As you have seen the process how the computer can be upgraded to Windows 10, it is of high importance for you to ensure no technical problems in any manner. With the help of some experienced technicians, you can get the upgrade process completed without any additional issue. To have a direct access to your reliable technician, dial customer help number for Windows 8 upgrade to 10 and get a real-time solution.


First of all, check if your computer system is ready to get the operating system on your computer system. it should have 1GHz processor, along with 1GB of RAM if you have a computer system with 32-bit machine. In case of 64-bit machine, you need to have 20GB RAM for your computer system.

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